We look for the best summer jobs in Rotherham

When you're a student the hard work doesn't end when classes are done for the summer.  Finding a summer job is a hugely important task if you're going to be able to afford your way through college come September.  Some great places to look for a summer job in Rotherham are the supermarkets and the local shopping centre.

Supermarkets are a great place to look for a summer job.  They offer a wide variety of positions for a wage of between £5.16 and £6.10 per hour. Some possible locations in Rotherham that you could apply to are:

Tesco StoreForge Island, Market StreetRotherham0845 677 9578

Morrisons StoreStadium Way, ParkgateRotherham01709 780 150

CostcutterWellgateRotherham01709 374 965

Another location to look at would be Parkgate Shopping Centre.  With loads of different stores, from TK Maxx to HMV and Vodafone to Pizza Hut, the job opportunities are diverse and enjoyable, depending on which you like best.

Parkgate Shopping CentreStadium WayRotherham

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities out there for the enterprising student searching for summer jobs in Rotherham, the trick is to get out there and find them. With so many choices it's best to focus your attention on one or two different retail centres at a time, that way you won't be overstretching yourself.

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