Looking for summer jobs in Limerick?

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The summer is a busy time for recruitment agencies and employers as thousands of students flood the jobs market looking for work. Fortunately, there are hundreds of summer jobs available in Limerick, so the majority of young scholars will be returning to college after the summer with surprisingly healthy bank balances.

The hospitality industry has always been one of the best sources of summer jobs in Limerick. The city is home to a huge number of hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs, and many of them will be looking for extra staff for the busy summer months.

It's quite easy to get a start in the hospitality industry. Temporary summer positions will not require you to have many qualifications, or even experience, and this is one of the biggest attractions to the industry.

Most summer jobs in hospitality in Limerick will pay the minimum wage. However, because many jobs will require you to work unsociable hours, you'll find it's quite easy to accumulate higher wages by working over-time.

Another excellent source of summer jobs in Limerick is the retail industry. Limerick is a major shopping destination in the region and this creates hundreds of opportunities for summer work in the city's shopping districts. Like the hospitality industry, most temporary positions in retail will only pay the minimum wage.

Recruitment websites are fantastic for finding summer jobs in Limerick. Check out sites such as Jobs, Irish Jobs and Careerjet to see what vacancies are open for students - and anyone else - for the summer.


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