Looking for summer jobs in Sunderland? Check this out

While the North East has not had a happy time of it of late on the job front, there are still plenty of casual and part time vacancies available for those of you searching for summer jobs in Sunderland this year. In order to find them though, you're going to need to put in a bit of leg work and plenty of hours searching. The jobs are out there, but they aren't quite as visible as they used to be in previous years.

Due to the high numbers of newly unemployed people in the area you're going to face an awful lot of competition no matter what line of work you search for this summer, and not all of the other applicants will be students like yourself. Many people who have recently been made redundant are now looking at the part time, seasonal and temporary job markets as a way to keep themselves going financially while they continue to search for a suitable full time job.

This means that previous experience in your chosen field is going to be more important than ever. If you want to have the best chance of finding summer work, then the retail sector is the best place to look for it. With plenty of shopping centres near the Sunderland area, you can reduce your odds of finding work by focussing mainly on the biggest ones near you.

In particular we recommend taking a look at The Bridges Shopping Centre. Due to the fact that this huge shopping centre features over one hundred different stores, you'll have a great chance of finding something available simply by popping in and handing out CVs. We do recommend that you ask to speak to the manager rather than just giving your CV to someone behind a till though, as this way you can guarantee that it has been seen by someone in authority.

Since it's just a summer job that you're looking for, you won't be earning much more than the current £5.93 per hour minimum wage, but given the harsh economic conditions right now, that's certainly better than nothing.


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