We take a look at some ideas for summer jobs in Redditch

Living in Redditch and looking to give your career a bit of a boost? Despite it being a pretty small town, Redditch has a lot going for it in the employment stakes, so in this blog, we are gonig to show you how to grab great summer jobs in Redditch. So lets check it out!

Given the handy location beside Birmingham, Redditch is a hive of retail activity thanks to the large number of people who shop there. The Kingfisher Shopping Centre, with over 150 different stores is located in the hearth of Redditch, and if you check out the site at http://www.kingfishershopping.com/ you can take a gander at all of their latest job openings. All of the big names are located in this centre, so there should be a job opening for everybody.

A good place to also take a look for jobs in the Redditch area is in the Redditch Advertiser's extensive job section, which you can find at www.redditchadvertiser.co.uk/jobs/. The Redditch Advertiser is one of the largest resources for jobs in the area as it is the main newspaper and runs a huges classified section, which is all up on their website. It's well worth a look!

Another site that retains a local focus on Redditch and the surrounding areas is www.myredditchjobs.co.uk. This site has plenty of vacancies right now in the Redditch area, and it also has the opportunity to upload your C.V so no jobs pass you by while you are searching. We can't recommend it enough!

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