We find the hottest summer jobs in Oldham

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The summer has landed and that means it is a great opportunity to find temporary work. There are loads of summer jobs in Oldham at the moment. The hardest thing is finding these jobs. The best place to find such positions is online. There are several websites dedicated to summer jobs only. Check out any of the following:

  • Summerjobs.co.uk
  • Summer-jobs.co.uk
  • Student-jobs.co.uk

Fundraising has become a very popular summer job in recent years. This usually involves selling items to the public or asking for donations to support a charity. No previous experience is required for most of the positions but you do need to have excellent communication skills and must be motivated by sales. Wages can be high in this industry if you can perform well at your job. With commission you could earn up to £2,000 per month.

You could also take a look around the local shops and apply for retail positions. Summer is a busier period for shops in Spindles Town Square shopping centre and they usually need an extra pair of hands to help out. Working in retail, don't expect to earn much more than the national minimum wage. Again, no previous experience is needed to work in the majority of these stores but you should understand the needs of the customer.

Finding retail positions is easiest by simply taking a walk through town or Spindles Town Square and dropping your CV into all the shops that interest you. Hopefully one of them have a position that suits you!


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