Plenty of summer jobs available in Northampton

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Anyone looking for some extra income over the next few months will be delighted to learn that there are loads of summer jobs going in Northampton.

The hospitality and retail industries have tons of opportunities for temporary work, while other industries, such as administration, are also excellent providers of summer jobs.

Most summer jobs in these areas don't require applicants to have a high level of qualifications or experience, and this makes them the perfect job for current students. For the admin industry, you'll need to be able to operate computer programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, but this should be second nature to the majority of students.

If you feel that you need to brush up on your computer skills, there are plenty of computer courses that you can enroll in in the Northampton area.

The best place to begin your search for summer jobs in Northampton is online recruitment agencies. Job is Job, Total Jobs and Indeed are a few of the leading names in online recruitment and, between them, have hundreds of summer vacancies in Northampton.

Once you have uploaded an up to date CV on to the recruitment website, you're free to begin applying for positions that interest you. Employers will also have access to your profile and this is a huge boost to your chances of finding employment.

It's also a good idea to register for email alerts of vacancies that become available, so that you can show your interest by being one of the first to apply for the position.

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