Find summer jobs in Newcastle with our help

If you've been searching for summer jobs in Newcastle in order to make a little extra money during your time off school, but aren't having much success, then we recommend you take a look at how you're approaching your job search and try to change things up a little bit.

Since the majority of vacancies in the Newcastle area that are suitable for summer jobs seem to be found in the retail sector, it's very important that you focus all your attention there. Since there are so many different stores and retail outlets to be found around Newcastle it should actually be relatively straightforward to find jobs.

The most common positions suitable for summer jobs in Newcastle tend to be sales assistant roles, from which you can earn around £5.93 per hour. To succeed in these positions we recommend you have a friendly and outgoing personality, and are willing to do everything you can in order to help assist your customers. You'll also need a good head for numbers for these jobs.

However, you'll be unlikely to find any online on the major job search websites, since the majority of part time retail opportunities are never posted online due to the cost. This means that these positions are generally filled by word of mouth, so you'll need to get out and about in order to find out which stores are hiring.

To speed up the process, we recommend you take a look at stores found in the following shopping centres in the Newcastle area;

  • Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Eldon Court
  • Monument Mall, Blackett Street
  • Newgate Shopping Centre, Newgate Street


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