We can help you find summer jobs in Lowestoft

When you're a student your summers can work out to be even busier and more hectic than exam time. While you don't have the same pressures as you do while college is running, you'll need to find yourself a part time or seasonal job that will enable you to pay your way through the following year's college, or at the very least build up enough cash to help you pay for your books (and your social life, of course).

This can be easier said than done, especially when looking for summer jobs in Lowestoft. With every student in the country in the same boat, apart from those who have the financial backing of wealthy parents and don't need to work during their time off from study, the level of competition for part time summer work is quite overwhelming.

However, rather than dwelling on that fact, we recommend you simply get on with it by using all your local knowledge in order to enable you to find a position that will suit your requirements. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the retail sector, since this offers far more employment opportunities in Lowestoft than any other sector right now.

Thankfully you're spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of retail work on offer. You'll be able to choose from Tesco, Iceland, Morrisons and the Co-Op on the supermarket front, enabling you to earn between £5.17 and £5.96 per hour for cashier or stocking work.

Or alternatively you could search out something in a specialist retail store in The Britten Centre, the most popular shopping centre in the area, which features dozens of great stores.

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