Check out these summer jobs in Loughborough

As summer approaches, it is time for students to start looking for employment to help them pay for their tuition for the following school year. But where do you even start looking?  Well if you are a student who is looking for summer jobs in Loughborough, then you are in luck, as we will be taking a look at some possible job opportunities.

Some of the best places to look for jobs are supermarkets and shopping centres.  They offer a great variety of positions and allow you to earn between £5.50 to £6.10 per hour.

Supermarkets are an excellent place to start your summer job search. You can find positions dealing one-on-one with customers, such as a cashier, or you can help make some of the foods being sold, such as working in the bakery or deli.  Here are some stores you may want to check out in Loughborough:

Sainsbury'sAshby RoadLoughborough01509 211 452

MorrisonsMaxwell DriveLoughborough01509 843 618

If a supermarket is not really your thing, then why not try the local shopping centre.  There are a wide range of stores from which you can choose from, whether you want to work with clothes or if you want to work with electronics. A place you can check out is Carillon Court.  It has stores ranging from New Look to Currys Digital and The Body Shop to Thorntons.

Carillon Court Shopping CentreCarillon Court Loughborough

Now that we have sorted our where you can look for a place to work, we need to focus on how you will get the job.  This all depends on your CV.  If you feel that it needs to spruced up or you just need to make one, we suggest you take a look at www.cvwriting.net.  This website has a wealth of information that will help you get your resume in top form for when you go out and apply for positions.

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