Looking for summer jobs in Leicester?

Being a student can be tough work, and there are plenty of people out there who don't seem to realise that it's not all a case of staying out late, sleeping in until noon and drinking at every available opportunity. Responsible students have to ensure that they are able to pay their way through school. This often means working summer jobs in Leicester during the holidays, and something like bar or retail work during evenings and weekends while the school year is underway.

This kind of life certainly isn't easy - especially when you're adding in the fact that you're going to need to be attending lectures, labs, practicals and studying as well. So in order to make your life a little bit easier this year, we have decided to look at some of the best options available for summer jobs in Leicester for students.

Since Leicester has a relatively strong retail sector, it makes sense that you focus the majority of your attention in the job search on that particular side of the local industry. There are a large number of potential employers in the area, so it'll be up to you to figure out exactly where you'd like to work, and which places you'd like to avoid.

The majority of the positions available will be entry level customer service roles, for which you will earn minimum wage of £5.93 per hour. This certainly won't make you rich any time soon, but it will ensure that you can start putting a reasonable amount of money aside for the year ahead.

We recommend that you pay a good deal of attention to the stores found within the major shopping centres in the Leicester area, particularly the Highcross Shopping Centre, St. Martin's Square and Fosse Shopping Centre to give yourself the best chance of a speedy resolution.


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