Check out some summer jobs in Grimsby

Are you a student who has finished school for the year?  Are you looking for a summer job?  Do you live in Grimsby? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in the right place. We are taking a look at possible summer jobs in Grimsby. There are lots of possibilities for employment, but the two really big ones we found were supermarkets and shopping centres. These two areas offer a wide variety of positions that have wages ranging from £5.16 to £6.20 per hour.

Let us first take a look at supermarkets.  These fast-paced, very social jobs offer flexible hours and diverse job prospects, from being a cashier to working in the bakery.  Some possible employers in Grimsby are:

Sainsbury's SupermarketCorporation RoadGrimsby01472 241 900

Iceland Foods11-17 South Mary's GateGrimsby01472 358 569

If you are looking for more of a retail experience that deals with fashions or music, we suggest looking into shopping centres. They have many stores and one is bound to peak your interest. One shopping centre you may want to take a look at is the Freshney Place Shopping Centre. Their stores range from Burton to HMV and O2 to TK Maxx.

Freshney PlaceFrederick Ward WayGrimsby01472 230 250

Now that you know where to kick off your summer job search, we need to now look at your CV.  If you feel it needs a bit of revising or you need to make one, we suggest the website www.cvwriting.net.  This site has a wealth of information pretaining to writing a professional resume.

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