Looking for summer jobs in Eastbourne?

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Students who are out of college for the next couple of months will be anxiously searching the temporary jobs market for some extra income over the summer. And they'll be delighted to discover that there are hundreds of summer jobs in Eastbourne that could finance an end of summer getaway or help pay their way through next year's studies.

One of the best sources of summer jobs in Eastbourne is online recruitment agencies. Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed are a few of the leading recruitment websites and you'll find thousands of vacancies on their databases.

To apply for any of the positions you come across, you'll need to upload a current CV on to the website. The advantage to this is it gives employers in the Eastbourne area, who are trying to fill vacancies, access to your profile. You can also register for email alerts of vacancies, that may interest you, when they become available.

The administration industry is a big supplier of summer jobs in Eastbourne. The town is home to a large number of businesses and many of them look for temporary staff during the busy summer months. Computer proficiency is important for admin positions, but this shouldn't be a problem for any student these days.

The hospitality and retail industries are also excellent sources of summer jobs in Eastbourne. And very little in the way of qualifications or experience is required for a start. However, the majority of temporary positions in any of these industries will only pay the minimum wage.

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