Looking for summer jobs in East Grinstead?

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Summer jobs are a brilliant way to earn some extra cash on your school or college holidays. There are loads of exciting opportunities out there but finding them has proven to be very difficult as they aren't usually advertised in the same manner as full time positions are. So if you are looking for exciting summer jobs in East Grinstead, we suggest you try the following:

  • Festival Workers - Festival workers are required throughout the country for a range of different roles. Bar staff, security, stewards and ticket collectors are just some of the many positions you might find. This is a great opportunity to meet new people while working in a friendly atmosphere. Take a look at efestivals.co.uk for more information.
  • Fundraisers - You can regularly see fundraisers at work in East Grinstead. This position involves you selling a range of products to the public on behalf of a charity. You will earn high commission and usually get a basic wage as well. You should be good at dealing with people and be a confident individual. You could earn over £400 a week in this job. Check out jobisjob.co.uk for the latest positions.
  • Hotel Work - Hotels are busier in the summer so they need to hire extra staff for the summer months only. You will find loads of opportunities including bar work, waiting and cleaning jobs. These jobs will usually be found in local newspapers such as the East Grinstead Observer. You could also drop a CV in to the general manager at all the hotels in the area.


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