We can help you to find great summer jobs in Coventry

While the full time job market in the United Kingdom is a little crowded at the moment with an ever increasing number of people finding themselves out of work due to the effects of the global recession, the part time market is also starting to feel the knock on effects. This is due to the fact that many people recently made redundant from full time positions now view the part time market as the ideal stop gap to keep them in both money and work so that they are well positioned when the worm starts to turn and the economy picks up a head of steam once again.

Obviously this isn't great news for those of us who are simply on the look out for summer jobs in Coventry. The increased competition will certainly make things harder, however it won't make them impossible if you are willing to follow a few simple tips.

First of all, you need to know which sectors are taking on the most part time staff right now. In the case of Coventry, this happens to be the retail industry. Due to the high turnover of part time jobs in this particular industry, there is an ongoing availability of vacancies to those who are willing to persevere with their search.

These vacancies tend to be for entry level customer service positions, usually serving at the tills, and will earn you around £5.93 per hour for your time. The best places to look for these positions tends to be in the larger shopping centres, such as Orchards Shopping Centre, Lower Precinct Shopping Centre and Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre.


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