The best places to check out for summer jobs in city of London

Looking to grab yourself a brilliant new job for the summer? The city of London is a bustling metropolis with thousands of jobs to be filled. It is a great spot to base your search for a striking summer job! So in this blog we are going to check out a few ideas for summer jobs in city of London (in the city of London) so lets have a look!

No matter what type of work you want to try your hand at in London, you will be able to find it there! It is the centre of business in the UK, and also the beating heart of retail too, with thousands of stores that can offer a summer job to the right applicant! We recommend starting your London job search on the home of casual employment on the internet and that is Gumtree. You can find their London page at www.gumtree.com/london and this will have hundreds of vacancies being advertised around the city at any time.

Another great site to keep an eye on for seasonal work is Just Jobs 4 Students, and you can find them at www.justjobs4students.co.uk/. Unlike the stuffy job search engine sites you will find around the internet, this site specialises in casual and summer jobs, with the focus very much on roles like Event Catering, Holiday Jobs, Charity, Activity Instructor, and even jobs at Summer camps! It is well worth a look for anyone looking to snag a brilliant temp job.

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