How to easily find summer jobs in Central London

If you want a summer job in Central London, of course, you'll have lots of competition. But, if you know how to get one step ahead of everyone else looking, finding summer jobs in Central London is actually quite easy.

summerjobs4students.co.uk is one of the best websites in the UK, if you need help with your job search. Not only do they have cooler summer jobs than the usual 'shop assistant' type, they also update listings regularly and give you tonnes of information about the job before you even apply.

You'll find job listings in Central London for entertainers, youth advisors, fundraising, kids' reps, barmen, trainee fitness instructors, waitresses and more. Create a profile, upload a CV and start applying.

leisurejobs.com is an interesting job search website as they concentrate on the leisure industry, so if you like sports or are outdoorsy, you'll find some smashing listings here.

Of course, there are loads of listings for summer lifeguards, kids' activity instructors and swim instructors. But you'll also find ads for fitness instructors, male models, sales and marketing reps and promotional staff.

caterer.com - The catering industry tends to hot up in the summer months and, in Central London, it goes gangbusters. Luckily, caterer.com has lots of listings for summer jobs, with everything from waitresses to barmen, food preparers, set up staff, even chefs if you can cook.

They're also a great place to look if you're not a British citizen but would love to work a summer in Central London. Check out their sections on applying for work permits, information for non-EEA citizens and how to register to work in the UK.

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