Check out these summer jobs in Basingstoke

Are you a student?  Do you like in Basingstoke? Are you looking for a summer job? Well you are in luck.  We are going to take a peak at some of the best places to find summer jobs in Basingstoke.

When looking for a summer job, we suggest looking into supermarkets and shopping centres.  These are great places to work and they usually offer flexible hours and offer wages from £5.15 to £6.05 per hour.

If you do not have a problem handling foods and dealing with customers, we think that the supermarket is a perfect place for you.  They have positions where you can have one-on-one interactions with customers (a cashier) or you have a position handling the food (working the produce section or in the deli or bakery). Some places to look into are:

Sainsbury's1-2 Station MallBasingstoke01256 354 101

Tesco MetroHampstead HouseBasingstoke0845 677 9817

Another excellent option for employment is working at a shopping centre. They have a great variety of stores to choose from, depending on what you like to do, whether it is selling electronics or selling clothes. A good place to look for employment is the Festival Place Shopping Centre.  They have stores ranging from the Sony Centre to French Connection and GAP to T-Mobile.

Festival Place Shopping CentreFestival WayBasingstoke01256 326022

Now that we have figured out some great places to apply, we need to make sure that your CV is in great shape in order to beat out the competition.  We suggest taking a look at www.cvwriting.net.  This website is filled with useful information that will help you create a professional looking resume that no employer will be able to ignore.

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