Check out these summer jobs Galway jobs

Are you a student? Do you live in Galway? Are you looking for a summer job? Well you're in luck! We are going to take a look at summer jobs in Galway jobs.

Some of the best places to start your job search are the supermarkets and shopping centres.  These places have a great range of job possibilities, depending on what you like most. Most entry level positions will offer the minimum wage, which is 8.65.

Supermarkets are a great place for finding a job, especially if you like handling food.  If you like the one-on-one interaction with customers, then you should look into cashier positions. If you would prefer less interaction with customers and have no issues with handling food, then a position in the produce section or in the deli or bakery are better suited for you.  Here are some locations you may want to take a look at for an employment opportunity:

Nestors SuperValu Ballybane RoadGalway091 751 173

Burkes MeatsMain StreetGalway091 637250

If foods aren't really your thing, then try the local shopping centre. They have many stores that are specialized in different areas of retail, such as clothing and electronics.  A great place to look is the Galway Shopping Centre.  They have stores ranging from Toys N' Gifts to Eason and Sweetzone to Planet Entertainment.

Galway Shopping CentreHeadford RoadGalway City091 561 803

Now that you have figured out where you want to apply, you need a great CV to seal the deal.  We suggest you take a look at www.cvwriting.net.  This website offers a wealth of information that will help you get resume in tip-top shape.

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