Where to Look for Summer Jobs for Teenagers Under 16 Dublin Ireland

Looking for summer jobs for teenagers under 16 Dublin Ireland can be a scary undertaking for a young person. Entering the job market for the first time involves many new experiences. It’s a task that requires patience, and having some good organisational skills helps, too.

Industries that Hire Teens

There is of course the retail industry where malls and shopping areas offer many jobs for teenagers. Jobs are often open in clothing stores, food courts, music stores, bookstores, shoes, novelties and many others.

Other job openings to look for are fast food and regular restaurants, paper delivery, cleaners, grocery, nanny, support workers, hotels, sports and recreation centers, regional parks and historic sites, summer camps.

Types of Positions and Duties Available

Working as a retail clerk could involve working a cash register, unpacking and stocking merchandise, helping customers. Cleaners will be expected to follow procedures for cleaning up assigned areas; leaving everything neat and clean. Grocery workers will stock shelves, bag groceries, and provide customer service. Working at a recreational facility could be as a lifeguard or activity leader to keep children occupied. Working as a support worker or nanny can provide invaluable help to busy parents. Parks and historic sites may be looking for tour and hiking/activity guides.

Salary to Expect

Summer jobs in Dublin will most likely only pay minimum wage. As of July 1, 2011, the minimum rate in Ireland was set at €6.75 for workers under the age of 18. The more hours you can offer the employer and the more flexible you can be, will put you in favor. Summer jobs for teenagers under 16 Dublin Ireland can offer fun and excitement from having your first job and money of your own.

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