We take a look at opportunities for summer jobs for teenagers in Cork Ireland

The Irish economy may be going through some seriously hard times at the moment, but there is still a surprising amount of casual work available for teenagers during the summer months. If you're looking for summer jobs for teenagers in Cork Ireland then this guide might be able to shed some light on the best practices to help you find a position that suits your experience and personality.

For many teenagers, summer work plays an essential part of the growing up process. Not only does it allow them to go out and start making their own money, which in turn increases their level of independence, but it also means that they can build up valuable workplace experience. It doesn't matter what kind of job they're doing, or how much they're getting paid, the experience gained by working summers can prove to be essential when it comes to finding full time work down the line.

With things the way they are in the country right now, we strongly recommend that any teenagers out there looking for summer work do their best to try to get into a retail position if at all possible. Due to the fact that we are likely to be in recession for quite some time, having retail experience will open up a huge number of potential employment positions for you. While it used to be the case that shops would hire for service positions without experience, due to the high numbers of unemployed at the moment, many of whom have years of experience employers can now cherry pick the most experienced and best among the applicants, making proven experience working in a similar job an unwritten essential.

In the Cork area there are a number of great opportunities to get your foot in the door in the retail industry. Both Supervalu and Spar have a very strong presence throughout the county, and employ a large number of full time, part time and temporary staff, so focussing on these stores should enable you to find yourself a job earning around €7.65 per hour with a little perseverance. Good luck in your search for summer jobs for teenagers in Cork Ireland!


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