Tips on summer jobs for students abroad

Are you interested in summer jobs for students abroad? There's something very appealing about dropping your books and the drizzly British weather and jetting off to the sun for a few months. And often the only way to fund this is to work abroad. Working overseas will not only provide the funds you need to stay in a foreign country, but also allow you to experience a different way of live, discover a new culture, meet new people and gain valuable international experience for your CV.

Here are a few tips to help you find summer jobs abroad for students...

  • Start thinking about it early. Most of the best positions are filled by March. Many recruiters advertise up to a year in advance, so there's no excuse to leave your planning to the last minute.
  • Remember that the idea of working abroad is desirable for many students, and you're going to face intense competition for every good vacancy. Conduct thorough research and spend some time planning your application if you want to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best possible chance of getting a job.
  • Use your contacts. Do you know someone who lives in this country or someone who has worked there in previous years? Ask them to keep an eye out for vacancies that aren't advertised.
  • Always check out the visa situation well in advance, and do it before you apply for any jobs. The chances are that if you want to work outside the EU, you'll need a working visa.


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