Looking for summer jobs in Cork Ireland?

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Students, in particular, will be delighted to hear that there are lots of summer jobs available in Cork, Ireland. A productive summer can set you up nicely for the next year in education and with so many excellent summer jobs up for grabs, there's no reason why you shouldn't benefit from it.

The hospitality and retail industries are two major providers of summer jobs in Cork. It's simple to get a start in either industry without qualifications or experience, and this is one of the biggest attractions for young students.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and shopping centres all see a big increase in business during the summer months and this creates a plethora of job vacancies. You can find the vast majority of vacancies in both industries on recruitment websites such as Irish Jobs, Jobs and Indeed. Make sure you upload a current CV on to the website and register for email alerts of new vacancies.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on local newspapers, such as the Evening Echo and the Cork Independent, when you're looking for a summer job as they will advertise vacant positions in every edition. Local radio stations are another good source of vacancies.

Because of the large number of businesses operating in Cork there are hundreds of summer jobs in administration. Receptionists and office workers are often hired for the summer months. Once you can use basic computer programs you have the skills for the admin industry and you can find a large number of vacancies on the aforementioned recruitment websites.



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