Find summer jobs abroad for students!

There are two main types of summer jobs abroad for students - those summer jobs that are specifically arranged for students, and those jobs that are regular vacancies but would be suitable for students. How you find a vacancy will largely depend on which of the two you are looking for.

Those jobs specifically arranged for students are best found through programmes or schemes. Your university or college careers department should be able to point you in the direction of some relevant vacancies. You can also find work abroad job placements for students with a quick internet search.

Remember that before signing up with an agency or placement of this type, it's always a good idea to find some independent reviews. Don't pay much attention to reviews listed on their own website - it's easy for a company to filter out the good from the bad or even upload fake reviews. Instead check out third party review sites, online forums, or better still, talk to someone who has worked abroad with the company already.

To find summer vacancies that are open for everyone to apply, you should employ the usual job search techniques. One of the best places to start looking is on job search websites like Total Jobs, Job is Job and Monster. You can filter jobs by whether they are full time, part time, temporary or permanent, as well as by industry and location, should it should be easy to find a job that's suitable for you. Good luck with the job hunt!


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