We look at summer jobs in Aberdeenshire

It is that time of year again, summer!  And if you are a college student you know this means looking for a summer job to help you get through the following year of school come September.  Some great places to look for summer jobs in Aberdeenshire are local supermarkets and shopping centres.

Supermarkets are a great place to start when looking for a summer job. They offer a wide variety of positions for a wage of between £5.16 and £6.10 per hour. Some possible locations in Aberdeenshire are the following:

ASDA DyceRiverview DriveAberdeenshire01224 724 134

Morrisons InverurieBlackhall RoadInverurieAberdeenshire014676 29194

Another great place to check out for employment opportunities is a shopping centre.  In Aberdeenshire a great place to look at is The Academy Shopping Centre.  With stores ranging from Adidas to Lacoste and Diesel to Ugg, the jobs possibilities are endless.

The Academy Shopping CentreBelmont StreetAderdeen01224 633009

So as you can tell, there are many joy possibilities out there for the eager student hunting for a summer job in Aberdeenshire, the trick is to know where to look.  With the vast amount of choices, we suggest you narrow down your focus to one or two retail centres at a time, this will help you to not overstretch yourself.  If you need any help writing a tip-top CV, we recommend that you give www.cvwriting.net a try.  This website offers a wealth of information to help you write that professional CV that will get you hired by your desired employer.

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