Find a summer job in Waterford

If you're sick of spending your summer holidays lounging about doing nothing apart from soaking up the few rays the sun has to offer in between the dull, overcast summer days, then you should consider looking for a summer job in Waterford.

The sunny south east, as it's quite ironically known to its inhabitants, has a reputation for being one of the premier tourist destinations in Ireland over the summer months, presenting opportunities for plenty of seasonal work for second and third level students alike.

Whether you've got experience or not, if you've got a personable personality, enjoy interacting with others and are always willing to put in your fair share of work in order to make sure that things get done, you should have no problem finding yourself a summer job somewhere in Waterford.

As with most summer jobs, your best chance at success will come from the retail industry. As a retail assistant, you'll need to deal with the public constantly, so it's important that you have good manners and a pleasant demeanour in order to be a success.

The other main industry that you should be able to find work in are the service industry, either working in a pub as a bar tender (although more and more pubs are demanding prospective employees have plenty of experience before considering them for a role these days) or as a waiter or waitress at a local restaurant. While this might sound easy, you should be aware that it's much harder work than you would imagine - but if you are a natural you should be able to make plenty of money from tips!

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