Are you trying to secure a summer job in London?

A summer job in London is not easy to come by. It pays to start looking early for any kind of summer job in London whether you are looking for an internship, work in an office or bar work or similar. There is such a huge demand for summer jobs in general let alone in the capital city of England that you really need to be smart, lucky or both to nab one.

As all the schools, colleges and universities break up at the same sort of time, as you may imagine there is a rush for jobs around the early summer months. If you haven't sorted a summer job in London before this time, chances are you will miss out. Of course there is the ubiquitous bar work or waiting but if you’re looking for something more interesting why not look at summerjobs.co.uk for an unusual summer job in London.

Another website is summerjobs4students.co.uk where you can upload your CV and hope to be headhunted by a prospective employer. You can of course also search for jobs by location or job type. This site will also allow you to set up alerts for jobs that match your search criteria, allowing you to apply for a summer job in London as soon as you receive the alert!

If you have a particular company earmarked as one that you would like to work for, it is definitely worth contacting their Human Resources department directly in the hope that they will keep your CV on file and if a summer job in the London office crops up that you would be a great match for, they will be in touch.

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