How to enjoy a Summer internship abroad

A summer internship abroad is both a fun and educational experience that not many people are able to afford. This opportunity, however, is not that difficult to attain as most people think. The trick is in finding as many companies or institutions as you can that offer them and may consider you eligible.


This website aptly describes its mission as helping students ‘get an edge in life’. Specialising in international internships, Global Experiences offers students a chance to intern in locations such as Washington and New York in the US, Seville in Spain, Milan and Florence in Italy, and other cities such as Paris and Sydney.

This company also specialises in offering fashion internships.


If you cannot find the ideal opportunity with paid internship programmes, you should seriously consider applying for a volunteer internship programme. How much you get paid – if any – or how much of your expenses will be reimbursed depends on the conditions set by the employing company or institution.

On this website, most of the internship programmes have to do with conservation such as wildlife research and community education. Aside from internships, this website – which is owned by Global Vision International – also offers several types of international courses.

Applying for a summer internship abroad can be as challenging as you think, but you have to persevere and keep in mind the future rewards that it comes with. For one thing, surveys reveal that your prospective salary goes up by at least 20% if you become part of any international internship programme.

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