Check out some summer in London employment opportunity

Summers in London are great fun, but if you are a student, that fun has to be mixed with work, especially if you are saving up to pay tuition for the next academic year. But where are good places to look for summer employment? Well you are in luck, we are discussing summer in London employment opportunity.

Some great places to start your employment search are supermarkets and shopping centres.  These places have a vast variety of job opportunities and the positions will allow you to earn £5.10 to £6.10 per hour.

Supermarkets are an excellent place to look for employment, especially if you don't mind handling food. You are one who enjoys dealing with food and cooking, you may enjoy a position in the deli or the bakery. If you would like less contact to food but more social interactions with customers, and you don't mind handling cash, then you should apply for a position as a cashier. Here are some examples of supermarkets in the London area that you can check out:

ASDA LeytonMarshall RoadLondon020 8988 8300

Sainsbury's Supermarket99 Wilton RoadLondon020 7931 8988

If you think handling food as part of your job would not really be your thing, then why not check out the local shopping centre. They have many stores, each individualized in a particular area of retail, like fashion or electronics. A good place to look in the London area is Victoria Place Shopping Centre.  They have a wide variety of stores ranging from Carphone Warehouse to The Perfume Shop and The Body Shop to Currys Digital.

Victoria Place Shopping Centre115 Buckingham Palace RoadLondon020 7931 8811

Now that we have places to apply, we need to focus on your CV. If you need to make one, update your current one, or just need tips on making it look more professional, then we suggest you take a look at www.cvwrting.net.  This website has a wealth of information that will help you get your resume in tip-top shape for you to impress your potential employers!

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