Check out these possible summer in Galway vacancies

Are you a student that is fresh out of school for the summer and you need to make some cash for the next school year? Do you live in Galway? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in luck. We are going to take a look at some summer in Galway vacancies.

A couple of great places to look for jobs during the summer are local supermarkets and shopping centres. These places offer a wide range of positions, flexible hours, and it will allow you to earn the minimum wage according to your age.

Supermarkets are a great places to find summer employment, especially if you do not mind dealing with food. They have lots of positions ranging from working in the bakery making baked goods to helping stock produce and shelves to working as a cashier and bagging customers groceries. Some local supermarkets you may want to check out are:

Nestors SuperValuBallybane RoadGalway091 751 173

Burkes MeatsMain StreetGalway091 637250

If handling food isn't really your thing, then why not check out the local shopping centre. They have tons of stores which specialize in different things like fashion, electronics, and accessories. A great local shopping centre to check out is Eyre Square Centre.  They have stores ranging from Express News to Meteor and Jack & Jones to Claire's Accessories.

Eyre Square CentreEyre SquareGalway353 (0)91 568302

Now that you know where you can apply, you need to focus on your CV. Do you need to make one or do you need to update your current one? We suggest you take a look at www.cvwriting.net. This website offers a wealth of information that will help you get your resume looking as professional as possible so that it will stand out to your potential employers.

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