Plenty of stylist jobs on offer in the UK

In today's image conscious world, people spend a lot of their time, and money, on looking their best. This has created huge numbers of stylist jobs in the UK. There are many different areas where a stylist may specialise, however the greatest number of opportunities are available for hair and fashion stylists.

Skilled hair stylists are required by many hairdressing salons and beauty parlours. Much of their time is spent preparing hair for styling by analysing its condition, shampooing and treating the hair. It may also be necessary to study facial features to decide on the best style for the client.

A thorough knowledge of the latest hair fashions and trends is essential for all hair stylist jobs. And hair stylists often have to provide other beauty services, including applying make-up and giving manicures and pedicures.

Fashion stylists are employed in vast numbers across the country. They may work for a private individual, company or magazine. If they're employed by an individual their main duty is to select clothes and accessories to be worn by that individual.

Many companies and publications employ fashion stylists to create visual displays that catch the attention of the public. In these roles, fashion stylists are assisted by photographers, lighting technicians and designers.

There are no specific qualifications required for stylist jobs, however many of the top end salons and parlours will look for candidates with a certificate in cosmetology or experience in the industry. The average salary for stylists in the UK in 2010 was £35k.

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