Want to do arts study in London? Theatre, music, painting and more

Thinking about arts study in London? How about studying drama, painting, art history or music? All of these courses of study, and hundreds more, are available at hundreds of London universities, colleges and private schools. Check out these three for starters.

Royal College of Art (rca.ac.uk) - If you're into painting, drawing, fashion or design, there's no better school in London than the Royal College of Art.

You can study architecture, photography, printmaking, sculpture, fashion menswear, even vehicle design. Check out their prospectus, and apply online.

Richmond University (richmond.ac.uk) - Interested in a career in art history and visual culture? Then Richmond University in London might be the place for you.

Their MA program is brand new, with first classes taking place in the autumn of 2011. Concentrating on the contemporary worldwide art scene, Richmond University's MA will prepare you for some of the top jobs in the arts and creative culture world. Apply online.

King's College London Dept. of Music - Long to be a composer, a concert pianist or a music professor? King's College has one of the world's top music departments, with undergraduate and graduate degrees available. The number of people accepted for undergraduate study is small, but King's College's graduate department is one of the largest in the UK.

You'll study with music professionals, who have already made a name for themselves in the music world, and do innovative work with well-known music researchers. Send an e-mail to their admissions office for more information - artshums-ugadmissions@kcl.ac.uk.

Birbeck, University of London (bbk.ac.uk) - If you want to study theatre or drama, one of the lesser-known London schools actually has some of the best programs.

Here you can take everything from short-courses to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Start with a short module on 'Writing for the Stage'. Or, if you want a formalised degree, take a Theatre and Drama Studies undergraduate degree course, or an MA graduate degree in Playwriting, or in Shakespeare and Contemporary Performance.

Find out about fees, entry requirements and order a prospectus at their website.

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