Student's jobs in Manchester

By now you will have realised that your student loan won’t get you as far as Thailand for the summer party season. So you’d better face up to it and get yourself a job – yes, shocking as it may sound, some people do get out of bed before three in the afternoon and they go to a place called work. And they’re the ones who will be enjoying the Full Moon Parties this year on Koh Phangan.

The specialist website for student jobs is Just Jobs 4 students and has employment opportunities everywhere from The Isle of Wight to Manchester, the Yorkshire Dales to Brighton.

Once you’ve registered with Just Jobs 4 Students, www.justjobs4students.co.uk, and let them know what you’re prepared to do, where you’re prepared to do it, and for how long, they will send regular emails of job offers.

They cover everything from the old reliable bar jobs to Marketing positions and the chance of a bit of travel in the tourism industry.

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