Student Union asks sex questions during interview

What’s the worst question to be asked at an interview, the one that really puts you on the spot? Is it the question about how you get on with your existing manager when you’re speaking to someone who’s potentially your next boss? Is it being asked to list your qualities, or perhaps it’s the question about your faults which most of us try and turn into a positive by saying something like “I work too hard” or “I’m never away from the office.”

No matter what you’ve had to handle in the pressurised environment of a job interview, it can’t be as bad as the question students at Bournemouth University are asked when they apply for a job at the student union bar. The question, “how many people have you slept with?” is hard enough to answer after a few drinks with friends but that’s what this would-be bar workers are being asked.

Apparently the university asks sex-related questions to the students as a way of relaxing them during the interview. Freshers are supposed to be put at ease by these questions, but that doesn’t ring true with us. According to reports, if the question about sexual partners doesn’t make you walk out of the interview, you’re asked other things like whether you’ve accidently pulled a member of your own sex or if you’ve ever wet yourself.

We’ve heard from a student who works at the Old Fire Station in Bournemouth who told us that “A girl got asked how many people she'd slept with and if she'd kissed anyone in her flat." Another student confessed that “We had to sit in groups and toss a ball around and if we dropped it we had to say 'f***, marry or avoid' to people in the circle.”

Apart from it being highly unprofessional, another problem with this in a job interview is that “It discriminated against people who hadn't had sex or didn't drink.” But the Old Fire Station's assistant manager Martin Huntley defended the practice saying, “If people find things like that inappropriate, then they are well within their rights to remove themselves from the situation.”

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