We can help you find student part time jobs in London

Student part time jobs in London

Working in order to pay your way through college is something that's becoming an awful lot more common these days given the ongoing financial issues being felt across the world, so it's no surprise that an ever increasing number of London's students are finding that they have to balance their incredibly busy academic lives with a part time job in our nation's capital.

Fortunately for them, since London is also the retail capital of the country, things are a little bit easier in terms of identifying excellent part time job opportunities. Since most of these positions come within the retail sector, it will be particularly helpful if you have previous retail experience, although it's not necessary.

Since you're a student, you'll no doubt want to have the luxury of flexible hours in order to ensure that you can fit your working life around your school schedule, so we recommend that you take a long hard look at some of the opportunities presented to you by the major supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys when it comes to finding student part time jobs in London.

These companies are among the biggest in the United Kingdom, and due to the fact that supermarkets often have longer hours (and are open all day in some cases) than traditional retail stores, you'll have a much better chance of being able to get hours that suit by searching for work in one.

The most common positions are customer service roles and jobs stacking shelves. Both pay around £5.93 per hour on a part time basis, although though they both require different skills. Customer services positions require an outgoing or friendly personality, while shelf stacking roles need you to be physically fit.

We recommend you check out the following supermarkets in the London area;

  • Sainsburys, 158A Cromwell Road
  • Tesco, 18 Warwick Lane
  • Waitrose, 23-39 The Brunswick Centre
  • Sainsburys, 15-17 Tottenham Court Road
  • Tesco Expres, 87-93 Gloucester Road

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