Student loans payment dates 2015 2016

Taking care of your finances can take a lot of worry from you at a time when you’re brain’s already occupied with enough new stuff. Perhaps you’re in a new town or city, with new people, doing new things so the last thing you want to think about is your student loans payment dates for 2015 – 2016. Thankfully we’ve looked into that for you.
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Student loans

New and full time students can claim up to £9,000 in a tuition fee loan. Part time studiers can only get £6,750 from that pot. Maintenance loans and grants are normally only awarded to those studying their first higher education qualification. The Maintenance Loan can be anything from £3,731, which is for those in a household earning more than £62,000, to £4,047, which is awarded to those from households earning less than £25,000. To get a Maintenance Grant you need a household income of £42,620 or less. This amount only gives you £50, but you can claim up to £3,387 if you’re household income is less than £25,000. All of these numbers increase if you’re studying within London as the cost of living is higher in the capital.

Student loan payment dates

The truth is that the loan payment dates differ depending on the course that you’re studying because not all courses start on the same date and it’s this date that’s used to determine your regular payment date. You can expect to get a portion of the loan each month on or around that date. Most loans pay a double amount in the first month and then nothing in the final month, which makes a lot of financial sense as the opening month of your studies will be the most expensive and the last month will be the cheapest.

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