Student Loan Payment Dates for 2013/14

If you're a returning student, your student loan payment dates in 2013 should be the same as previous years. Usually, the student loan company (SLC) tries to pay all loans at the same time; most students will receive their loan on the same day, or 3 - 5 days after the expected payment date.

Payment Dates and Information

- The standard dates set by SLC, for undergraduate degrees of all years, are:

1st payment - 17/09/2013: Student loan and maintenance grant (if applicable).

2nd payment - 07/01/2014: Student loan and maintenance grant (if applicable).

3rd payment - 15/04/2014: Student loan and maintenance grant (if applicable).

- Your tuition fees should be paid on the following dates directly to your University, if the SLC is paying your fees:

17/10/2013 (1st payment)

06/02/2014 (2nd payment)

01/05/2014 (3rd payment).

Depending on the fee tier you are paying, the payments to your university will vary in amount but usually the dates will remain the same.

Why is my payment late?

If you have applied to Student Finance later than usual or have experienced a considerable delay in your application, your request for a student loan may not be processed by the company yet. This will mean that your first payment can be late, until your application is processed.

What can I do if my loan is late?

Usually your first installment is essential to pay for accomodation or rent in September, so your University and the SLC will understand how frustrating a late or delayed loan payment can be. You can speak to your University about borrowing some sum of money and repaying this when your loan finally comes through; if you speak to Student Finance, they can arrange to send evidence to your University about your situation. You should also explain to your landlord about your situation, who may also be understanding and willing to wait until your payments are made.

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When will I receive my bursary?

Student loan payment dates for 2014 / 2015 and student loan information

A bursary is seperate from student loan payment dates for 2013, as these payments are issued by the University. Your University will use financial information from your Student Finance application to assess your bursary, but their dates will vary from the SLC payment dates. You should speak to your University about bursary dates, but if you didn't tick "consent to share data" on your Student Finance application, your bursary may be late as your University will not have automatically received financial information from the SLC.

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