Speed up your search for student jobs in Northampton with this guide

One of the big mistakes that many people make when searching for student jobs in Northampton is to attempt to conduct the search entirely online. Due to the fact that it can be quite pricey for companies to place vacancies on the major job sites, very few student jobs, or part time jobs in general, tend to be posted online.

This means that you're going to need to get out there yourself in order to identify the positions that best suit your needs. Another time saver is to ensure that you are only focussing on industries that have plenty of part time jobs suitable for students in Northampton.

In particular, we recommend paying as much attention as possible to the retail sector. With many big name stores in the area, finding student jobs in Northampton in retail shouldn't be too difficult.

The most common retail based positions for students tend to be working as a cashier or sales assistant. These positions pay £5.93 per hour, and will require you to deal with the general public on a daily basis - so a friendly and approachable demeanour is very important.

In order to find student jobs in Northampton, we recommend you take a look at some of the big name supermarket chains in the area. These companies have proven track records for hiring students and offering them great opportunities to move upwards in their positions.

If you're not sure where your nearest Northampton supermarkets are, we recommend checking out the following ones;

  • Morrisons, 26 Victoria Promenade
  • Sainsburys, 15 Princes Walk
  • Iceland, 14 St. Peters Square
  • Costcutter, 123 Wellingborough Road


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