Tips for getting student jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne

There are always student jobs available in Newcastle upon Tyne. The two universities in the city are Newcastle University and Northumberland University. The universities have job shops that advertise part-time work in the city and its environs.

In fact, student jobs are to be had in both of these universities also. Students can work in the library, stocking shelves, checking books in and out and monitoring the behaviour of the students while they are studying. The campus restaurants and bars are a rich source of employment. The restaurants need counter staff, kitchen staff, cashiers and cleaners. The bars require staff to serve drink and collect glasses.

Each university has a student union office and a number of shops on campus. Student jobs can be found in these too.

Another great way for students to earn additional income is by giving grinds. This is very well paying. Expect to get at least £20 per hour. The demand for grinds increases dramatically as exam time approaches. The student can advertise the provision of grinds on the notice boards in the university and can also check to see if grinds are being sought.

Students can apply for jobs in the sports centres on campus. Part-time lifeguards, gym instructors, receptionists and general maintenance workers are needed.

Any student with a particular skill can get a job using that skill. For example, if they are good at playing the guitar or piano or a black belt in karate, money can be earned by teaching these skills to other students.

As you can see student jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne are plentiful.

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