Where to find student jobs in Wolverhampton online

Finding student jobs in Wolverhampton is a breeze once you know where to look online. One site in particular, justjobs4students.co.uk, caters especially for students and offers holiday jobs, part time jobs, events catering jobs, and many more. You're also able to search for seasonal work via the site and it covers anywhere in the world.

Filling the 'I can cope with' section with a job title or selecting an option from the 'help me out' menu will narrow down your search results. The 'where?' section has to be filled with an area or town, so enter Wolverhampton here and then set a radius you'd like to search in. If you're willing to do just about anything you could try ticking the 'I'll do anything' box to maximise your chances of finding vacancies in a particular area.

Gumtree.com is another goldmine if you're searching for part-time or summer jobs. The part-time section usually covers work in areas such as call centres, the catering industry and other positions such as charity fundraisers, cleaners, sales people or even flier distributors. If you're looking for entry level positions you would do well to browse the jobs section of this site. Heading to this URL should show you job vacancies in the Wolverhampton area: http://www.gumtree.com/cgi-bin/list_postings.pl?search_terms=search_location=wolverhampton&ubercat=2553

This is just a small sampling of what the net has to offer, but if you prefer browsing the local newspapers you can do that online as well. The Express and Star has a website with a job section: jobs.expressandstar.com/, and another local newspaper the Birmingham Post also has a website and the job section takes you straight to fish4jobs.co.uk. This URL should take you there: http://midlands.fish4jobs.co.uk/

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