Interested in student jobs in Spain?

Sunny Spain has being drawing thousands of British tourists for decades. But if you want to stay longer than the average holiday maker, you have two choices: you can either save large amounts of money to keep you going for a few months, or you can find work in Spain. Learn about the top student jobs in Spain here...

Firstly, many students who have completed an under graduate degree or an apprenticeship might find skilled work. Tradespeople and teachers have a good chance of finding high paid, professional summer work if they have the right qualifications, experience, and intermediate Spanish language skills. There are also unskilled job opportunities available - mostly created by the tourism boom of the summer months. If you speak Spanish, you could find a job as a waiter, bar tender, receptionist, retail assistant, holiday rep or tour guide. If you don't speak Spanish, consider jobs as a cleaner, dish washer, kitchen porter or chef. You'll need to learn at least basic Spanish in order to navigate through the application process and communicate with your colleagues.

Secondly, you'll need to consider accommodation in Spain. If you're working in a holiday hotspot, this should be planned months in advance, as rooms and apartments get snapped up quickly during peak holiday season. Consider staying away from the main tourist area if you want to save money.

Finally, remember to take out travel insurance, and let the company know what kind of work you'll be doing over the summer. A European healthcare card is also a good back up.

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