There's no shortage of student jobs in Limerick

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Limerick has a very large student population and it's a great place to study. If you want to earn some extra money and take a break from the books, you might be interested in learning about the student jobs available in Limerick.

The streets of Limerick are thronged with an array of pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, and they're constantly on the look out for part time staff. This type of work is perfect for students because it allows them time to complete their studies while earning some extra pocket money.

There are a number of places that advertise student jobs in the hospitality sector in Limerick. Local newspapers, such as The Limerick Leader, are excellent at advertising vacancies and should be constantly checked for available positions.

Job websites should also be carefully monitored as they're always running vacancies for student jobs in Limerick. Jobs.ie, Monster.ie and Careerjet.ie are a few of leading job sites that cater to the Limerick area.

Register with any of these websites and you will receive an email notifying you of vacancies that suit you as soon as they become available. You can also upload a CV, which will make you available to the hundreds of employers who search these sites when they're looking for staff.

And don't forget to get out and pound the pavements of Limerick when you're looking for student jobs. One of the best ways of securing employment is to spend a couple of hours dropping CVs into the many businesses in Limerick.

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