Student benefits when you are pregnant

Sometimes the unexpected happens, so if you happen to get pregnant whilst studying, don’t worry, it is not the end of your education. We tell you what student benefits are available when pregnant so you can still pursue your dreams and continue your studies with the least interruption. With a lot of perseverance and the right information, your plans can stay on track even though you are expecting.

Pregnancy and school

If you are expecting whilst studying, there are procedures you should follow so you can avail of student benefits when pregnant.

  • Contact the NHS General Practitioner

To be able to avail of maternity health care and health care in general, inform the NHS General Practitioner of your pregnancy.

  • Inform the school of your pregnancy

If you are about to start school and learned that you are in the family way, tell the Registrar about it. You might want to consider deferring schooling for a year. Students are allowed to put off entrance to the school by one year and there is no need to reapply for the next school year. Remember if you decide to do so, you are expected to show up at least 4 times during term time.

  • Inform your Academic Adviser

It can also happen that you are in the middle of the school year and learn you are pregnant. Tell your Adviser or Supervisor what is going on so the best plans for your well-being and that of your child can be made when it comes to study and exams. Depending when your child is due, you have to see whether you can make it for school on a daily basis or if you are able to sit exams. It is also possible to defer exams if you are incapable of doing them whilst in the middle of your pregnancy. After giving birth, it is a legal requirement to take two weeks off before returning to school.

Benefits of foreign students

If you are on a student visa and get pregnant whilst in school, you can take time off or defer your studies for the following school year. However, know that you have to return to your home country if you need to put off studies due to pregnancy. For other valuable info on student benefits when pregnant, check the LSE website (lse.ac.uk).

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