Strawberry Picking Jobs in the UK

There are many agricultural jobs available in the UK, for residents and travellers. Usually, you'll find jobs such as strawberry picking in the UK in the countryside areas - mainly further up north. You could potentially find work with an independant farm or, for those who like to plan their jobs in advance, you could apply to a larger farm or organisation.

What kind of work should I expect?

Strawberry picking jobs in the UK will vary depending on the type of organisation, or independant farm, you work for. Usually, your day will be filled with picking strawberries and other fruits from fields, ensuring the crops and fields are kept in good condition, performing audits and helping transport fruits once they are collected.

You shouldn't need any experience for the position; most jobs will be temporary and will be ideal for anyone travelling through the UK looking for some extra cash. However, you'll need to be very hard working to obtain and keep an argicultural position.

What kind of hours are available?

This depends on the type of position you gain and with which employer. Most jobs will be 6 to 12 hours per day in some cases, which is why you need to be dedicated and hard working for the job. You'll need to be highly motivated and physically fit to work the hours some farmers and organisations will provide.

Because of the minimum wage and laws in the UK, you should receive a minimum of £6.31 for anyone over 21, £5.03 for 18 and over and £3.72 for anyone under 16. If you haven't worked in the UK before, you must check your visa requirements and rights of working; don't work for less than minimum wage, whether you are a UK citizen or not, as all employers must pay at least minimum wage by law.

Where can I apply for jobs?

You can apply for strawberry picking jobs in UK either by researching independant farmers yourself and contacting them, or by looking at a few handy sites. Haygrove.co.uk offers seasonal summer work, which includes strawberry picking, Withersfarm.co.uk offers work at minimum wage for EU nationals and Pro-force.co.uk also outsources workers to various farms across the UK once they complete an online application.

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