Stratford Full Time Jobs London

Are you looking for that next step in your career? Or do you feel undervalued in your current role? Most of us have been there at one point or another. A lot of people are looking to the capital city for employment, reasons being that there are many more job opportunities coupled with the handsome salary that comes with working in the London area (although that is not always the case, as a report from 2010 states that around 1 in 10 people in London are paid less than £6.80 an hour).

Stratford Jobs, London

Stratford is a great location and very accessible by public transport. The area itself is currently undergoing a massive regeneration programme "Westfield Stratford City" which will see a vast shopping centre with the likes of John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose in the area.

There are also plans for a multipurpose community to be built near-by, with 5,000 homes, offices, public spaces and schools to be built. This kind of project will be creating hundreds, if not thousands of jobs in the area of Stratford.

Where to Look for Jobs in Stratford?

All of the usual suspects of monster.co.uk and jobserve.co.uk would be the best place to start. Upload your CVs and register with all of the main job agencies. This way, perspective employers and recruitment agencies can view your details online.

It would also be advisable to speak to some local recruitment agencies and make an appointment to go through your credentials. Face-to-face meetings with a job agency will build a better working relationship as opposed to countless emails and phone calls.

Prime Time Recruitment and Team Support are two local recruitment agencies in the Stratford area, and they are well worth checking out if you are serious about Stratford jobs, London.

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