Storeman jobs in Aberdeen Scotland are worth taking stock of!

Most storemen work in warehouses. They are required to pick and pack orders from clients before loading the goods for delivery. Storeman jobs in Aberdeen Scotland can be found in any business that holds large quantities of stock.

Storemen are responsible for the correct storage and shipping of stock. Candidates with a forklift licence and experience with combi and reach trucks will have an advantage.

You will also be required to keep accurate records and documentation for stock. Knowledge of computers and the ability to maintain a reporting and tracking system may be required.

Another responsibility of storemen is ensuring the safety and security of stock and staff. Health and safety training as well as knowledge of security systems such as alarms are all the responsibility of a storeman.

Jobs can be found in a variety of ways including jobsites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, jobcentres and company open days. You can also apply directly to manufacturers, retailers and warehouse distributors in the area.

Jobsites like clickajob.co.uk, simplyhired.co.uk and jobrapido.co.uk advertise up to date listings of storemen jobs in Aberdeen. They provide a job search and job by email service to match candidates skills and requirements.

The average rate of pay for a storeman in Aberdeen is approximately £9 per hour. Operational requirements may require you to work shifts, in the evenings and at weekends. Many businesses pay a shift allowance and overtime to employees.

Storemen should be physically fit as there is lifting and standing for long periods of time involved. If you feel up to it and are able to work under deadline pressure, storeman jobs in Aberdeen Scotland could be a great idea.

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