What store manager jobs entail

A store manager, also known as a retail manager, is in change of the day-to-day running of a store or department within a store. The objective of the job is to maximise profits in the most cost effective way possible. A retail manager should also ensure that all products that are supplied are of a sufficient standard.

The main tasks include managing sales staff, setting targets and goals and making sure that there are optimum levels of customer service. Good leadership is also a must.

Other job requirements could change depending on the size of the store and what area of retail it is under. Additional tasks include motivating the team, managing stock, managing legal issues, ensuring the store meets health and safety regulations and making sure complaints and enquiries get dealt with properly.

A position as a store manager could come from various different sources, most commonly from a company promotion. In a lot of cases store manager jobs require you to have previous experience working on the floor, and with sales. Qualifications aren't a necessity, though five GCSEs at grades A – C are generally expected.

In most store manager jobs you will work five days per week for roughly 35 hours. This could include evenings and weekends, depending on the stores opening hours. Annual income could vary from £13,000 to £23,000 and could increase if you have had previous experience within the field. Some jobs may also be supplemented by bonuses if a certain target is met. Career prospects include becoming area manager.


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