Looking for a Stoke on Trent employment opportunity?

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It can be a very stressful experience trying to find a new job as there is a shortage of positions and too many candidates going for the jobs. This makes even getting an interview a challenge. If you follow our advice, finding a Stoke on Trent employment opportunity will be made much easier.

Before you start looking for jobs, take a couple of minutes to make sure your CV is up to date and free from any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure any experience listed on your CV is actually relevant to the job you are applying for. Your CV shouldn't be any more than two pages long. So now you're ready to apply for work but where do you look?

Keep an eye on local newspapers such as The Sentinel. This free daily newspaper has the latest vacancies each day. You should also have a look at a couple of job recruitment websites, especially when looking for a full time career. Try any of the following:

  • Stoke.gov.uk/jobs
  • Stokeontrentcareers.com
  • Jobisjob.co.uk

Some of these websites aren't too great when you are looking for a part time Stoke on Trent employment opportunity. Finding a part time job can sometime be easiest if you apply directly to some shops and companies in Stoke on Trent. Have a look in the town centre as well as places like Potteries shopping centre and Trentham Gardens. All the usual high street names around and most of them need both full and part time workers to help run the business.

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