Do you need help finding the latest Stoke jobs?

When you are looking for the latest Stoke jobs, it is essential that you put plenty of time and effort into building a well presented CV. Without a neat and tidy CV, you have little or no chance of securing an interview, let alone a job!

Your CV should always be free from spelling and grammar mistakes, the same as your cover letter should. You should personalise both for the type of job you are applying for. For example, you wouldn't send the same CV off to an accountants firm that you would to become a truck driver. Get all the information you need from improveyourcv.co.uk.

So now that your CV is looking fabulous, it's time to start job hunting! Start off by looking in some local newspapers such as The Staffordshire News as they have some great job advertisements in the classifieds section. Check out their website if you miss a copy. Find them at thisisstaffordshire.co.uk.

It won't do any harm to visit a couple of recruitment agencies in Stoke and register your details with them. Don't forget to bring your CV with you when you go to apply as they will want to know various details about your previous working experience and any education you have.

You will then be free to search through their job database and if you find a job you are interested in, they will help you to apply and even set you up with an interview. Among the best known agencies for Stoke jobs are:

  • Reed - 61 Stafford Street, Stoke
  • Extra Personnel - Blackburn Street, Old Hall Street, Stoke
  • Spring Personnel - 39 Trinity Street, Stoke


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