Find work with Stockport Council jobs

Despite the fact that the United Kingdom is still feeling the effects of the global recession these days, it would appear that things have improved somewhat when it comes to Government jobs. In the early months of last year we saw many government departments putting indefinite freezes on the hiring of new staff members, while others were finding themselves in such perilous financial positions that they were contemplating closure in order to try to save some money.

This trend continued well into the early parts of this year, where as recently as March we heard discussions in the House of Commons about potential closures to several government departments' regional offices. Thankfully though things seem to have gotten a little better, and many local councils are now able to hire staff again in a bid to finally get on top of the backlog of work that has been building up for the last couple of years.

For anyone who lives in the Stockport area, this is particularly good news, as the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council website, located at stockport.gov.uk, now features a number of Stockport Council jobs available in both full time and part time positions.

Some of the jobs available right now include Administrative Manager at Mersey Vale Primary School, reference A/951, Assistant Team Manager of Disability Services, reference JA 7123, C2 Learning Support Assistant at Dial Park Primary School, reference B/947 and Receptionist/Clerical Assistant at UNISON, reference SH 7129.

There are plenty more jobs to choose from, so make sure to have a look at the site as soon as you get the chance.

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