Steps to get student summer jobs abroad

Getting student summer jobs abroad can be complicated. In order to find a successful placement, you'll need to do lots of careful planning and organising. Here we simplify the process for you by talking you through a step by step guide to finding student summer jobs abroad...

  1. First, decide what industry you would like to intern in. If you are on a vocational course, this decision is probably quite easy. If, however, you are studying a generalist subject (like English or Maths, for example), this could take a bit more brain power. Take your time with this one - the right decision could be the makings of a successful career.
  2. Think about what country you would like to intern in. Perhaps the country is renowned for its success in your chosen industry, or perhaps you just like the idea of living in the country for a couple of months - the decision is yours and yours alone.
  3. Check out the visa requirements for the country you hope to intern in. If it's outside of the EU, things become a little complicated. If you're a paid intern, you'll almost always require a working visa. If you are unpaid, you may or may not require a working visa. Check with the embassy for clarification.
  4. Research the companies that you would like to work for. Do they have an intern programme or will you be contacting them to inquire about the possibility of setting one up?
  5. Send off your CV and a good cover letter, including the dates you wish to intern.


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